Agreement between SNP NASI and Narodni Sabor from Russia

In the office of the Serbian National Movement NASI in Mladenovac, a cooperation agreement was signed between Narodni Sabor (National Congress of Russia) and SNP NASI.

This agreement will contribute to a new form of cooperation between our organizations in the political, social, cultural, spiritual and humanitarian fields.

The agreement was signed between SNP NASI, by President Ivan Ivanovic and Narodni Sabor by Aleks Balashov, who spent some time on the barricades in Kosovo and Metohija and who in the name of his organization delivered significant humanitarian aid to the Serbs. Also, agreement was made specific actions which will be implemented in Serbia and Russia, to provide a larger and fiercer resistance to U.S., EU and NATO, pointing open threats to our brotherly countries.

During the meeting, Alex Balashov awarded a diploma and a bag of earth from the ancestral land campaign, in which the movement NASI participated and, in which nationalists from Slavic countries sent grains of earth from places where major battles occurred relating to the nation to which they belong and the whole event was concluded with socializing and a dinner prepared by the municipal board members from Mladenovac.

Information Service SNP NASI

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