Broad Popular Movement

Broad Popular Movement

Time goes by, and looking at the past errors and victories of the nationalist movement in Russia, we draw only positive experience and reject sectarianism in our ranks. Russian nationalists always wanted to make an organization for the chosen, i.e. for the active minority, and thus repelled all the friendly public organizations and movements. For our part, we have decided to proceed along a new path, creating a broad popular movement coordinated by Russian nationalists.

Today the Russian nationalist movement is on the rise. Over the past five years the movement has rejuvenated. New guidelines of activity have emerged, namely environmental, humanitarian and social ones. Though public politics is still closed for Russian nationalist parties, the ideas of nationalism are gradually ripening in our society. They appear in the speeches of top officials, the nationalist rhetoric is being used in electoral campaigns. Interethnic issues are openly discussed in the mass media.

The Russian nationalist movement has a noticeably developed network structure; many initiatives are taken up by nonpartisan patriotic citizens in the regions. This is the embryo of a broad public movement! The main task of the Narodny Sobor (“National Union”) movement is to come into contact with those groups of people, to meet them halfway. And we are obliged to fulfill this task.

Today our movement has the chance to vector the development of the whole Russian society. To this end, we should take into account all sorts of positive initiatives coming from various groups of our population (parents’ committees, sports organizations, eco-societies, etc.). What do we mean by “taking into account”? In a year or two we can efficiently coordinate their activities and help the embryo of a new Russia establish contacts and gain experience in different projects.
Russian nationalists are the most active, honest, incorruptible and initiative part of society. Whatever challenge we take on, we tackle it conscientiously and whole-heartedly. We cannot bear the thought of fraud and profiteering. There is no doubt that people guided by nationalist ideas in their life are idealists. So this is the sort of people we need now – the unselfish people instead of state-mongers and wheeler-dealers. And we need to use this potential. Our major tasks are to establish horizontal and vertical links within society as well as to ensure the proper use of resources.

Any idea must be open to public discussion, open to something new. It must adapt to the environment. It is harmful for Russian nationalists to close on themselves. The nationalism of 1991 and 2000 differs from the nationalism of today. Of course, there are more similarities than differences, because there must be no conflicts between Russian people, particularly nationalists. But the past and present conditions are totally different, so the problem-solving means must be, and are, different.

Nowadays, Russian nationalists must understand that if one wants to advance, it is no use banging one’s head against a brick wall saying, “Let us into politics, we are good!” We shall look for an alternative route. We are ready to help solve such daunting problems of society as drugs, alcohol abuse and human indifference. We are ready to help develop social initiatives of both individual citizens and social entities. Any changes that we implement in society are generally regarded as politics! First and foremost, it concerns all the problems, both social and environmental, such as providing aid for orphanages, low-income families and poor parishes, protecting Russian forests, eliminating trash dumps, defending suburban communities, different ways of fighting drug mafia and pedophiles, public vigilance, sports, health, etc. There is a very long list of issues.

The key point is that we need not try to control all these areas. These are public initiatives which are to be supported and coordinated. Unlike the people who are already in charge of it but devoid of ideology, we do have the Idea. Our Idea does not only make us better, it also makes us aspire to something. Apart from the process, there is a goal. And our Idea is more real than the ‘universal humanistic values’. The appeal of this idea and the reputation of its followers lead to its preponderance in society.

The Narodny Sobor must proceed along the path of uniting active Russians. By uniting the better part of our society we shall achieve the consolidation of the whole population, its mobilization for meeting our common challenges.

Hail Russia Glory to Russia!

Andrey Sensei