Discovering beauties of Slovakia

Here in Slovakia we have many places in nature and wonderful sites to discover.

Here in Slovakia we have many places in nature and wonderful sites to discover. We the people in our movement are very proud of it. Not only nature and but also historical buildings and monuments which show us the way how our ancestors lived. We have many castles and mansions which are worth visiting. History is also a thing we are interested in and we are proud of. Our movement is trying to highlight our history. To tell people that we have long traditions and our nation is great with its own rich history. In few words, Slovakia is very attractive for us. It is a treasure and we want also others to know it and mainly to respect it. So this is the reason why we travel and hike a lot.

We usually gather some people to go with us to nature or some kind of trip. It is very nice when we can share our feelings about our fatherland. Slovakia is quite mountainous so there is always a place where to go. This is a one of ways how to love Slovakia. We discover its beauties all the time and there is always and everywhere something we can be proud of. We organize trips and hiking few times a month. Sometimes every week there is something. From mentioned: hiking, tourism, and trips to lectures about our history, our nation and our state. It is great way of getting to know our fatherland very well and besides it is making our movement tougher and bond is getting stronger. These trips are not all activities of our movement but they are very important for us because we are patriots. This is all about our country, nation, nature, history and the most important it is about future. What means also defending and taking care of our nature which needs our help to stay healthy for next generations. We also organize ecological actions where we clean and maintain our nature.

So in conclusion our movement is very keen on nature, nation, history and about future of these things and we will not give up! We will do all what is needed, even if it is impossible. Together we can do it!

Peter Gontkovich
Head of tourist team of Slovak Revival Movement