For traditional family!

For healthy society!

In this year’s May, Bratislava has experienced its first gay pride. Just a few weeks ago a similar event took place in Belgrade. Here because of the meeting for a few hundred people was closed part of downtown and deployed thousandsof police officers. The town has changed to the combat zone between 20 000 demonstrators and 5000 police officers. Can we consider this result as a victory of freedom and democracy or a dictatorship of tolerance?

If we take a closer look at the events that took place in Bratislava in May, we can see that the march of homosexuals is neither a victory nor in an interest of our society, but only victory for small groups and political elites pursuing their own interests. On the event spoke Ulrike Lunacek, Chair of the European Green Party and open lesbian, and Dutch politician and MEP Marije Cornelissen. Also this action was supported by foreign embassies, namely Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Holland, Ireland, Canada, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, Germany, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, USA and Spain and the European Commission.

"We welcome the first LGBT Pride march in Bratislava and express support and solidarity with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Slovakia. Our countries, same as Slovakia, are determined to defend thefundamental rights and freedoms and to ensure equality and dignity for all," says in the Joint Declaration of the Embassies and the European Commission.

We do not have to think much about why the European Commission and foreign embassies take so much care about the rights and welfare of minorities in Slovakia. Indeed, the motto "divide and rule" (Latin divide et impera) works for centuries.

Anyway, was this action in the interests of the homosexual community in Slovakia? In an interview for the magazine “plus 7 days” commented an open gay actor Viktor Horján that the gay parade is only a provocation, for which in Slovakia is no place. According to him, it will only benefit certain political parties and groups, but to the gay community itself, it can be only hurtful.

A few months ago the Serbian magazine Alo organized a discussion between Predrag Azdejkoviс a declared homosexual and as he is saying "Serbia first gay" and Misa Vaciс, spokesman of the nationalist groups "SNP 1389, who was arrested for 30 days for spreading hatred against LGBT people.

Vaciс: Simply said, we believe that the gay parade is one of the steps to humiliate the Serbian people by the EU. Even so, when the foreign ambassadors speak with the local politicians they have 4 conditions, which include that our State must allow the event of the gay parade. We also stress the Srebrenica massacre and the secession of Kosovo, we are against the humiliation of Serbia and the gay pride is part of this work which the rulers of both NATO and the EU are trying to force Serbia to. Do not detach the question of the parade from other nationalist issues.

Azdejkoviс: Probably it will be shocking, but I agree with that! We have the parade just because the pressure from the EU is increased, because it is required by the ambassadors. It annoys me that all human rights that exist in Serbia, we had achieved just because someone from the EU took a whip and said, "It must be!" And anti-discrimination law was adopted only because of the Schengen … There is no real idea of human rights and equality, but everything is only used to trade with the EU.

Recently on 21st October the European Court for Human Rights sentenced in a case of Aleksejev (organizer of the gay prides) against Russia. The court acknowledged that the ban of 3 gay prides in Moscow is in conflict with the European Convention on Human Rights and fundamental freedoms of man and ordered Russia to pay almost 30 000 EUR in compensation. In May it was Bratislava, in July Warsaw and in October Belgrade. And when they will try to humiliate Moscow and eastern Slavic people?

Native land! A healthy nation! A traditional family!

The Narodny Sobor Movement, Public Committee for defense of the family, childhood and morality and a number of other patriotic and parent organizations are organizing: Assembly for the protection of morality and traditional family: "Moscow without dirt"

Our motto:

Against the gay prides, blind tolerance, the legalization of gay marriages, any public presentation of deviancy, rotten culture and immorality in the media, advertising and show business

— Against the juvenile laws that are destroying the family, sex education in schools, pornography and vulgarity on television, alcohol and tobacco advertising, and humiliation of sacred and religious symbols of Russia

For adoption of the Law "For protection of public morality" and the introduction of public and moral control over the mass media.

Moscow — it is the third Rome and not the Sodom and Gomorrah. We do not want perverts to march in our streets, and our children in schools to learn tolerance for perversion. We do not like the enactment of the degradation and poisoning of young people. If we remain silent today, tomorrow it will be a daily reality in which our children will grow up! This is our price for the "joining" the "civilized" West!

Action will take place on Saturday 30 October at 12:30 local time on Bolotnaja Ploshchad in Moscow.