Jailed for T-shirt

BELGRADE – On Sunday 11th July in the center of Belgrade has been arrested civic activist Igor Marinkovic from the association SNP 1389.

As reason was t-shirt with portrait of Serbian General Radko Mladic and holding of the Serbian flag. Subsequently, he was jailed for 15 days by the court. Igor on Tuesday began a hunger strike in prison for civil rights and freedoms of all citizens of Serbia.

On this day the association SNP 1389 wanted to remind anniversary of the liberation of the Serbian town of Srebrenica and inform people about its activities. The event was officially authorized before, but at the beginning it was banned on-site by the police and the organizer Igor Marinkovic was arrested.

In Serbia now rules pro-Western oriented Democratic Party and its leader Boris Tadic is the president of the country.
"How is it possible that in a country which wants to join the EU someone can be arrested for one T-shirt?" said Branko Sekulic, an activist from the SNP 1389.

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