News from Slovakia

About activity of our Slovak comrade.

From the beginning of March in Slovakia has passed some events with participation of Marek Rusinjak, who is the coordinator of movement «National Union» (Narodny Sobor) and the head of department of foreign relation of "Slovak movement of revival». On Saturday, 12th of March, there was the celebration of an Independence Day of Slovakia.

Last Saturday in the east of the country in Bardejov there was theRugby tournament which was conducted by the local department of "Slovak movement of revival". There were some teams from Slovakia and one team from Poland.

On Sunday was made a trip to a mountain fortress Zborov . Russian and Austro-Hungarian armies desperately struggled for this fortress in the spring of 1915. In this battle soldiers of 28th Prague regiment of Austro-Hungarian army refused battle with the Russian brothers, and all regiment went over to the Russians. The mass number of escape of Slavonic soldiers from Austrian army and their going over to the Russian side began from that.

The earth from this mountain fortress were gathered and would be sent soon to Moscow.