Slovenske Hnutie Obrody — Slovak Revival Movement

Slovenske Hnutie Obrody — Slovak Revival Movement

Basic principles of SHO

1. The Slovak Republic is an independent and sovereign state.
2. We consider Slovak Nation as part of the Slavic branch of European people.
3. We feel as part of European culture and civilization.
4. We consider traditional European religious and philosophical streams as the basis of stable modern society, but we also recognize religious freedom.
5. We recognize the right of every nation to self-determination and existence.
6. We consider the traditional family as the basic unit of society.
7. We believe in freedom of speech, expression and association for everyone.
8. We believe in the right of private property and free enterprise.
9. We consider support of development of domestic economy and workforce as an effective tool for long-term economic growth of the country.
10. We believe in direct democracy, the rule of law and that the state should be governed by elected representatives of the people.
11. We believe that state law should be simple, understandable and effective. In order to "ignorance of law is no excuse" not to be just an empty formula.
12. We reject multiculturalism, because we believe that a nation can survive only if it is the dominant component on its territory.
13. We believe in the right of citizens to defend themselves against oppression. The ability of national self-defense is considered as an important element of long-term existence.
14. Patriotism and healthy nationalism is considered as one of the main pillars of a functioning civil society. We reject chauvinism and supremacy over other cultures and ethnic groups.
15. We consider protection of nature and efficient use of natural resources as one of the fundamental principles of sustainable development.

About us

„The glory of the nation, deserves sacrifices“
Jozef Miloslav Hurban

We are a group of people, to whom the destiny of our fatherland, of our Slovakia isn't careless. Everyone can bash to the table and contend but we have decided to act. We have decided to supply the defense of the nationality, dominion and sovereignty of Slovak Republic.

Priorities of Slovak Revival Movement:
1. Improving nationalism of Slovaks in united Europe
2. Deepening relation of Slovaks to Slovak nationality
3. Defending moral and spiritual values
4. Preservation of natural and cultural values
5. Gathering knowledge about Slovak history and Slovakia
6. Defending the nature and supporting ecological projects

Under the sign of white double cross we are starting to struggle!

Our signs come from the history of Slovaks and Slavic people. White double cross is a sign not only of Slovaks but also a sign of whole Slavonic community. It represents deep spiritual and cultural Slavonic roots which are based on belief.
White double cross is also a sign, which addresses all the Slavs, does not matter of what religion and nationality they are. It is a sign which shows Slavonic unity and solidarity.